Ready to go radio silent?

Let’s face it, social media is a busy place with lots of different energies floating around. Constant exposure to these energies and sharing yourself with so many people each day is depleting, so it’s crucial to take the time and space you need to recharge your battery. But what happens to your business while you’re taking a break?

Keep serving and generating leads while you recharge your energy and raise your vibe.

How, you ask? With Pinterest!

When approached strategically, Pinterest keeps generating leads for you in the background while you take a much needed break from interacting and marketing on social media. Your existing content is housed on your website, and Pinterest allows it to become evergreen and searchable. That means your brand is positioned for maximum visibility to provide value around the clock — without having to power up your laptop and without using ads.

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Imagine a life where the norm is to:

  • Spend uninterrupted time with your family - without feeling like every interaction needs to be a social media post.

  • Sit down for a nice meal. On a plate. Without your laptop.

  • Enjoy your coffee while it's still hot.

  • JUST BREATHE and get back in touch with spirit, knowing all the while that your business is still getting in front of your soul tribe without having to find something new to post every. single. day.

Content should uplift, not enslave.

Pinterest is the perfect tool for introverts, empaths, and creatives who share amazing content with their audiences. It creates space to reflect and breathe instead of “pushing through” to post when a social media hiatus is what you really need.

Pinterest positions your content in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer because Pinterest is NOT a social media channel, but a POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE. That equates to organic visibility and lead generation even when you step out of the social media fray to get back to yourself.

Who am I?

Pinterest Strategist  Mia R Miller Market Not Mingle™

Hi, I’m Mia! I’m a wife, mom of 3, and unabashed introvert. I enjoy helping my clients unchain themselves from their laptops and still keep the leads flowing in.

If you’re anything like me, engaging on social really takes a toll after a while and taking regular breaks to replenish my energy is a must.

Besides, life happens! And when it does the last thing you want is your business sputtering because you haven’t been paying attention to your Facebook feed.

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