How To Do It All - Balancing Work And Life As A Busy Woman


Today’s woman has a lot on her plate. She wants to find that sweet spot between giving her work and business her all and being the partner, parent, and friend she wants to be. And to top it all off, she also wants to have time to enjoy herself. If you’re an on-the-go woman, you’ve probably asked yourself “how am I going to do it all?”. Keep reading to learn the 3 foundation pieces you must have in place for balancing work and life as a busy woman.

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1. Self-Care Above All

Make sure you take care of YOU first, otherwise you'll burn out and not have any energy for what you want to do. Putting yourself first will actually open up the space and energy in your life to do the things that are most important to you.

  • Be sure that you’re nurturing yourself emotionally with self-love. Know that you are worthy of love and all of the great things and experiences life has to offer simply because you and you EXIST.

  • Make sure you’re nurturing yourself physically with proper rest, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise.

2. A Clear Definition

You need to define what "do it all" means to you. Just like when you visit a buffet - you can't literally eat all of the food in one sitting. Similarly, you can't literally do everything at the same time.

When you go to a buffet what do you do? First you probably survey everything that’s available to eat. Then based on what that is, you choose what dishes you want to eat the MOST during this particular visit. Those dishes become your priority. The same concept applies with doing it all in your life!

What’s on your plate?

  • The protein on your plate forms you life’s foundation pieces. These are the non-negotiable building blocks in your life.

  • The carbs on your plate complement the protein. They provide energy and comfort.

  • The veggies on your plate are a great source of vitamins and enzymes that help you assimilate your food into your body. They support your well-being and help everything else in your life to fit together.

  • Dessert is all about fun! It’s sweet and exciting, punctuating your meal with enjoyment.

Everyone’s plate will look different, just as everyone’s most balanced life will look different.

3. A Game Plan

Based on what you’ve decided to put on your play (classify as your priorities), the next step is to develop your game plan for accomplishing them. How much protein is enough? Which carbs would be most beneficial, etc.? This represents the order of desire and importance of what you want to get done in your life.

Develop your game plan and follow it. What are your goals? What’s the timeline in which you’ll achieve them? It’s important to organize and break down your priorities into step-by-step goals.

You Can Do It All

Doing it all really IS possible, but not in the literal sense. When you have a stellar self-care strategy, a clear definition of what’s most important to you, and a game plan on how you will go after your desires, you CAN balance work and life as a busy woman.

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