This Video Mistake Is Costing You Clients: How To Fix It Now


If you create online content in the form of videos, you may be doing something very wrong, and it's costing you sales. You’re putting forth you best effort putting out amazing content for your tribe, and sharing all the juicy nuggets… but to your dismay, minutes later your hard work is buried by cute cat videos. Click above to watch, or keep reading to find out exactly how to prevent your message from being lost in the social media thread ether.

This Video Mistake Is Costing You Clients How To Fix It Now_Virtual Administrative Business

This Is Costing You Clients

The one thing you aren’t doing with your videos that’s costing you clients is you’re not repurposing them properly. With that said, I want to just give you three ideas on how you can repurpose your videos and keep your content alive, fresh, and circulating.

The first thing you want to do is take the video that you just recorded (this includes live stream video), edit it to your liking, add a cover photo and write up a little description.

Google Is Your Friend

Next, upload your video to both YouTube and IGTV. Getting your videos up on YouTube is especially important because YouTube is owned by Google. So when you upload your video content on YouTube, it will come up in a Google search. This is extremely powerful! Think about it: when you want to look up something online, frequently one of the first things that comes up is a YouTube video.

Another thing you can do to repurpose your videos to write up a summary, or transcribe it (as I’ve done for this post), and make it into a blog post. You can place your blog post on your website, as well as create an associated pin image for Pinterest. Just like YouTube, as far as Google is concerned, Pinterest content is also Google searchable, which is a win for keeping your content alive long-term.


Don’t sleep on Instagram Video

You can also keep your video content alive by editing your video to display vertically and be less than 10 minutes long and uploading it to IGTV. Be sure to take advantage of the IGTV preview feature on your Instagram feed as well. Your video will then live indefinitely on Instagram, appearing under the featured story circles in your profile. It will remain fresh and easy for someone looking at your profile to click on and view.

The Beauty Of Podcasting

If you’re not into blogging, you can also rip the audio and upload it as a podcast. Podcasts are easy ultra portable and easy to consume while doing other activities, and as a result many people are looking for this type of content.

Which Is Your Favorite?

I hope these tips give you some great ideas on how to best repurpose your video content and prevent it from getting buried in the social media feeds. Which one will you try first?

Your message is valuable and deserves to be seen! Repurposing videos is one of the things I do for myself, as well as for my clients. Doing so does take a fair amount of time and energy, but it’s definitely worth it!

If you are interested in getting help with repurposing your video content, click here to contact me. I’m here to help!


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